Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Project Run and Play Mademoiselle Muscle Tee Challenge

I have enjoyed reading blog posts about Project Run and Play before, but I have never participated before. I was inspired by the sweater vest that Angela from Snippet made for her daughter.  We've had a cold and snowy winter making it hard to imagine making anything sleeveless until I saw her sweater vest.   After making the Mademoiselle Muscle Tee pattern as a sweater vest I think I will try it again for summer wear.

I'm still on an upcycle kick after Kid's Clothes Week.  I upcycled a sweater which allowed me to use existing hems.  The front of the sweater was knit in one by one rib and the back in two by two rib.  I used the one by one rib to bind the arm holes. I had just over four inches of one by one rib left after cutting out the front of the vest, so I bands are a bit narrower than the pattern recommended.  I didn't have enough fabric left to add a band to the neck so I used some cotton jersey from my stash.  I'm not sure if it needs any embellishment.  Any suggestions?

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  1. I like the vest! I think I would leave it like this. I would "embellish it by putting a shirt with print under it.

  2. Great first time participation in Project Run & Play! Keep up the great work.