Friday, October 30, 2015

Unicorn Taxidermy

I made up Simplicity 1218 ages ago for Miss Ladybug and forgot to post pictures.  Sadly, I made it so long ago that I don't quite remember the process.  I had a difficult time believing that the written directions would work for the mane so I just did what made sense to me.  
I painted a board gold so that it would have a bit more impact on the wall.  I punched holes through the stiff plastic I used in place of the recommended cardboard and drilled corresponding holes in the painted board so I could tie the wire from the unicorn through the board. It was a fun project.  I would like to make the elephant one of these days!

Friday, June 26, 2015

KCW Project Five Embellished Shirt

I wanted to make Bug a shirt to wear with his state shorts.  I happened to have a red t-shirt in his size so I went the easy way and added an applique to the purchased shirt.  His family likes to vacation in Florida so I thought that would be a fun state to add to his shirt. I used a t-shirt from my donation pile for the applique that I fused in place with heat'n bond. I stitched the applique in place with a straight stitch with grey thread.

KCW Project Four Bird Safari Raglan Dress

I was so excited when I saw that the Titchy Threads Safari Raglan Tee and Dress pattern had been released. I've really been excited by the idea of t-shirt dresses for Ladybug and I love raglan sleeves.  I wanted to do some kind of embellishment on the front of the dress so I chose to make it from a solid interlock from my stash.  Somehow without a visible right and wrong side I managed to get my pieces mixed up and embellished the back rather than the front.  I should remember to always always always label my pieces when I am sewing with solids. There is a bird adorning the front and back of the dress now.  I guess that's just extra interesting. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

KCW Project Three Tropical Dress

In my search for patterns that work well as play dresses for Ladybug I came across Simplicity 1209.  I opted to make a very simple version my first go round so I can see how the pattern works for Ladybug.  I shortened the dress a bit to ensure that it would allow for running and climbing. I really like the idea of having the bodice and skirt made in different fabrics.  It sounds like a really fun way to use up smaller bits of my stash. 
I think there is enough pink in this dress to please Ladybug.  I made it with the fabric leftover from making myself a skirt so we can be twins.  That should make her happy. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kid's Clothes Week Project two State Shorts

Bug likes maps so it seemed like some shorts made out of state fabric might just make him happy.  I used the Boy Shorts pattern from Stitch Wear Play.   I decided that Bug might prefer elastic to a drawstring so I modified the pattern slightly.  It was my first time sewing shorts with a yoke or doing any top stitching.

I think it might be fun to add an applique to a t-shirt to go with these.  I can't decide between the US, his state, my state, or the state his family likes to vacation.  

Kid’s Clothes Week Project One Paris Dress

I am excited that Kid's Clothes Week is here! kid's clothes week

I managed to do some planning and cutting last week so hopefully I will have a productive week! 

The day that the traveling theme was announced I was shopping in Jo-Ann and came across this fun
Eiffel Tower fabric.  I thought it would make a fun dress for Miss Ladybug.  It matched the theme so nicely that I couldn't leave it behind.  I whipped up a quick Butterick 5776.  To make sure that it would be short enough to be a good play dress for Ladybug I cut the size five but shortened it to the size three dress length.  I didn't add the elastic to the sleeves because I love flutter sleeve look I get when I leave the elastic out. While I love the fabric the dress was a bit plain without any embellishment so I opted to finish the hem with some pink bias tape. 

Hopefully the sun will come out later in the week so I can get some better pictures! Ladybug's mom likes this style of dress for play.  Anybody have any other ideas of dresses that are nice for the active preschool set? 

Monday, April 27, 2015

KCW Project 7

After making the flamingo shorts I decided that Bug needed some as well.  I didn't have any animal inspired fabric that seemed quite right for him.  He really likes math so I thought this nautical fabric with numbers would make him happy.  I really liked making the Sunny Day shorts a second time. 
I can't believe Kid's Clothes week is over!  I've had so much fun seeing what people have made!